Bill To Help Military Medics Transition To Civilian Careers In Healthcare Gets Unanimous Vote

Thursday, LD 1327 “An Act To Expedite Healthcare Employment For Military Veterans” sponsored by Rep. Brad Farrin of Norridgewock advanced out of the Labor, Commerce, Research and Economic Development Committee with unanimous support.


The bill allows a former United States Army medic, United States Air Force medical technician, United States Navy corpsman or United States Coast Guard health services technician to perform certain medical services under the supervision of a person holding a license to practice medicine, osteopathic medicine or podiatry or at a health care facility under a medical practice agreement approved by the respective licensing board.


This bill not only helps Maine military veterans find employment, but also helps with workforce development in Maine.


“My reasoning for bringing this bill forward is not just to help fill positions at our hospitals and local doctor s offices. It is much more than that,” said Rep. Farrin. “According to Maine s Veterans Program Manager, they hear almost daily from veterans representatives at Career Centers across Maine, about the frustration veterans feel when employers do not recognize their military education and experience – a majority end up either underemployed, looking for work in other fields, or leaving Maine. To keep this talent, it is essential to expedite the licensing process for veterans to get them into good civilian jobs that give them credit for both their military training and their work experience.”


LD 1327 next heads to the House floor. The committee amendment approved Thursday is attached.


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