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Monthly Archives: October 2017

House Republican leaders Rep. Ken Fredette, Rep. Ellie Espling and other House Republican caucus members are working to make changes to the referendum process in Maine to prevent out of state special interests from gaming the system as well as to ensure that legislation presented to the Maine people at the ballot box is in line with the Maine Constitution.   House Republican Leader Rep. Ken Fredette of Newport is introducing legislation… Read More

Monday, the Maine House of Representatives voted 84-53 to preliminarily pass LD 1650 “An Act To Amend the Marijuana Legalization Act”, but the vote fell short of the 101 votes needed to pass the bill as emergency legislation or survive a potential veto from the governor. Due to a variety of issues with LD 1650 that have still not been addressed, a majority of House Republicans made the decision to vote against… Read More

This morning, Rep. Jeff Pierce of Dresden sent a letter to Beth Ashcroft, the Director of the Office of Program Evaluation and Government Accountability requesting an investigation into possible abuses of Maine’s citizens’ referendum process and whether or not it still meets its original intent. The Maine Legislature continues to work on changes to the current referendum process and Rep Pierce’s request comes on the heels of the Government Oversight Committee giving… Read More