House Republican Leader Leads Maine Canadian Legislative Advisory Commission on Tour to James River Bay Hydro Facilities

Quebec – Rep Ken Fredette of Newport led a contingent of Maine legislators on a tour to James River Bay, Quebec, to see first-hand the Provinces’ use of hydro power to develop clean, renewable energy sources that may be sold to New England.


New England states are currently planning on shutting down nuclear power plants and other energy generating sources requiring the demand for a new base load for the six New England States.


Fredette serves as the Chairman of the Maine Canadian Legislative Advisory Commission, a position he’s held for five consecutive years. Fredette previously traveled to Labrador to view the Churchill Falls hydro facility and the new dam project at Gulls Island.


Other members who went to James River Bay, Quebec included Rep. Eric Jorgenson (D) Portland; Rep. Nathan Wadsworth (R) of Hiram; Rep. Lance Harvell (R) of Farmington; and Sen. Andre Cushing (R) of Penobscot County.


“The cost and production of energy continues to be a top priority for us here in Augusta,” said Rep. Fredette. “Building relationships with our Canadian partners on energy issues provides an opportunity for New England energy consumers to buy clean, renewable energy to power our economic demands and residential requirements.”


“I was pleased to visit our northern neighbors in Quebec and learn about how their vision for clean, inexpensive hydropower has been so successful,” said Sen. Cushing. “All of Quebec has benefited from these ventures and now Maine and our residents stand to benefit as well. The importance of Maine partnering with our Canadian neighbors has never been greater.”


{Pictured in photo from left to right: Sen. Andre Cushing (R) Penobscot County; Gary Sutherland, Senior Delegate Hydro Quebec; Rep. Lance Harvell (R) Farmington; Rep. Eric Jorgensen (D) Portland; Rep. Ken Fredette (R) Newport; Rep. Nathan Wadsworth (R) Hiram}

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