House Democrats Vote Against Basic Safety For Law Enforcement and First Responders

Monday, Maine House Democrats voted against a pair of bills that would have better protected our law enforcement officers and first responder, opting instead to side with criminals. The following bills were struck down by Maine House Democrats:

  • LD 1512 “An Act To Protect the Health and Safety of First Responders” which makes it a crime for a person, knowing the person is infected with an aggressive blood-borne pathogen, to intentionally, knowingly or recklessly cause any of the person’s body fluids to be exposed to a first responder while the first responder is performing official duties. The bill also requires a person who has exposed that person’s body fluids to a first responder to submit to a blood-borne pathogen test to test for aggressive blood-borne pathogens to give the first responder.



“You’re either siding with law enforcement or you’re siding with the criminals,” said Rep. Matt Harrington of Springvale, who is also a police officer, said while addressing the House regarding the importance of these bills.

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