House Democrats Hijack Tax Conformity Bill

Democrats’ amendment threatens to impose a $38 Million Tax Hike On Mainers

Augusta – Once again Maine House Democrats are preventing the Maine people and businesses from filing their tax returns by stalling a bill to conform Maine’s tax code to the changes made at the federal level. House Democrats introduced an amendment they label as “a compromise” but in reality it hijacks the current bill and attempts to shift $23 million of taxpayer money around without the benefit of a public hearing.

“This amendment is not a compromise, it’s the hijacking of a bill and taking more than $20 million and shifting it to education without a public hearing,” said House Republican Leader Ken Fredette. “We can have a conversation about education funding but to tie it to a totally unrelated tax bill is inexcusable. It’s February 9th and the Maine people and Maine businesses are already filing their tax returns while House Democrats continue to play games.”

“As someone who runs a business here in Maine, to hear Democrats say on the House floor that businesses don’t care about these tax incentives is infuriating and shows how out of touch they are with the business community,” said Rep. Karl Ward of Dedham, who owns a construction company based in Brewer. “Maine Democrats’ war on business and anti-job agenda is threatening to do irreparable damage to our state’s economy.”

“What House Democrats fail to understand is the fact that businesses are paying attention to what we’re doing on tax conformity,” said Rep. Paul Chace of Durham, a member of the Taxation Committee. “Democrats hijacking this bill and playing these games sends the wrong message to those looking to relocate businesses here by creating an environment of economic unpredictability which scares off new investors.”

LD 1564 passed unanimously in the Senate where Senate Democrats and Senate Republicans both understood the importance of this legislation and the urgency to get this passed. Only House Democrats stand in the way of this bill’s passage.


One Comment on “House Democrats Hijack Tax Conformity Bill

  1. This isn’t getting enough media coverage, but then I don’t often listen to TV. Legislators need to keep education in education bills, not confuse the tax code further by contaminating a valid bill which unanimously passed the Senate.


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