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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Assistant House GOP Leader Rep. Ellie Espling’s bill allows Maine seniors to stay in their homes as they grow older Augusta – A bill seeking to increase the reimbursement rates for those who provide home-based, community based healthcare services for Maine’s elderly has gained unanimous approval from the Health and Human Services Committee. The current Medicaid reimbursement rate has not been increased in 15 years and stands at $15.00 for personal support… Read More

Democrats’ amendment threatens to impose a $38 Million Tax Hike On Mainers Augusta – Once again Maine House Democrats are preventing the Maine people and businesses from filing their tax returns by stalling a bill to conform Maine’s tax code to the changes made at the federal level. House Democrats introduced an amendment they label as “a compromise” but in reality it hijacks the current bill and attempts to shift $23 million… Read More

The GOP backed plan puts more money back in the pockets of the Maine people and Maine’s small businesses. The debate over tax conformity now heads to the Senate. Augusta – This morning, in a 6-5 party line vote, Republicans and Democrats on the Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee split on their plans on tax conformity. The five Republicans voted in support of fully conforming Maine’s tax code with the recent changes… Read More

Time is of the essence as this bill impacts those Mainers filing their tax returns right now Augusta –Monday morning, members of the Taxation Committee voted to advance LD 1564 “An Act To Update References to the United States Internal Revenue Code of 1986 Contained in the Maine Revised Statutes” which essentially conforms the Maine tax code to the changes made at the federal level. Several of the tax benefits are aimed… Read More