Rep. Deb Sanderson Given National Champion of Children Award

Rep. Deborah Sanderson (R) of Chelsea was honored with the Foundation for Government Accountability’s 2015 Champion of Children Award Monday for her leadership in the state to protect communities who help families and children in crisis. The award was presented at a ceremony that took place in Orlando, Florida.

Rep. Sanderson sponsored legislation in Maine protecting parents who are experiencing a temporary crisis, such as hospitalization or homelessness, and turn to community-based volunteer organizations for support. Strong partnerships with the FGA and leaders like Sanderson will save thousands of children from being caught up in the foster care system, ensuring families are reunited more quickly and at higher rates.

“Taking care of our children is everyone’s job and as a legislator it’s a job that I take seriously,” said Rep. Sanderson. “I’m honored to receive this award and I will continue to fight for Maine children and Maine families as long as I am serving in the Maine Legislature.”
“Often family crisis can spiral out of control because the parents feel helpless and have nowhere to turn, and they’re afraid of asking the state to step in and take their children,” said

Tarren Bragdon, FGA CEO. “Rep. Sanderson continues to pursue policies that will protect families who raise their hands for help, especially since so much good can be done when small problems are easy to solve when they’re addressed early on.”

Sanderson is one of a handful of state leaders being recognized from around the country for their work in 2015, and they are the first group of legislators to be honored with this annual award.

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