Bipartisan Maine Canadian Advisory Commission Tours Hydropower Projects Past, Present and Future in Labrador

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Labrador –Rep. Ken Fredette, Chairman of Maine Canadian Legislative Advisory Commission, was joined on a trip by fellow commission members to Labrador to learn more about their hydro-electric power production and how it could help fill some of Maine and New England’s energy needs.

The Commission and legislators toured the hydropower facilities at Churchill Falls and Muskrat Falls which are among the highest producers of electricity in Canada. The hydropower facility at Churchill Falls generates roughly 5,428 megawatts of electricity and the Muskrat Falls facility is expected to generate 824 megawatts.

There now exists a tremendous opportunity for collaboration between the New England States and Provinces to expand clean energy and diversify energy resources. Hydropower, generated mainly from hydroelectric dams, is a clean, renewable, non-emitting source of energy that provides low-cost electricity and helps reduce carbon emissions. Maine citizens want to pursue viable forms of renewable energy for their homes and Maine businesses want access to these same low-cost forms of renewable energy that power their businesses and their growth.

“This bipartisan Commission is grateful to our host for providing us with an opportunity to learn about a clean, renewable and reliable source of electricity available to Maine and New England,” said Rep. Fredette. “The opportunity before us is to construct a reliable and reasonably priced cost of electricity so Maine businesses and homeowners can continue to live and work in Maine. The Bipartisan legislative nature of this Commission from both the Maine House and Senate provides us with an opportunity to develop relationships not only with our Canadian partners, but also within the Maine Legislature itself. Hydropower is reliable, renewable and provides a favorable cost to the ratepayer.”

Rep. Fredette was joined on the trip by fellow commission members and legislators including: Rep. Mark Dion (D) Portland who chairs the Energy, Utilities and Technology Committee; Sen. David Burns (R) Washington County, Sen. Andre Cushing (R) Penobscot County and Rep. Larry Dunphy (I) Embden who sits on the EUT Committee.

“Labrador presented us with an opportunity to explore the possibilities that a strategic energy partnership with Atlantic Canada would present for Maine as the Legislature looks to chart a plan that can meet our state’s future need for affordable electricity,” said Rep. Dion.



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