Liberal Group Launches Radio Ad Blast Filled With Budget Misinformation

Augusta – During intense budget negotiations, House Republicans find themselves the target of a massive serial misinformation campaign launched by the left-wing extremist group known as the Maine People’s Alliance and their many front entities like the Maine Small Business Coalition.

In this ad blitz, Maine citizens are warned that House Republicans and their leader, Rep. Ken Fredette of Newport are attempting to shut down the government in order to give tax breaks to the rich. A quick peek at the numbers shows this to be a bald-faced lie.

• The majority budget passed out of the Appropriations Committee keeps the status quo tax structure in place. This means the top tax rate of 7.95% kicks in at $20,200 of income. This is the plan fully endorsed by the the Maine People’s Alliance and the Maine Small Business Coalition.

• The House Republicans’ minority report drops that rate to 5.75% on income up to $30,000, The top rate does not kick in until $30,000 and that rate is decreased to 7.15%. In 2019 those rates would drop to 5% and 6.2 % respectively.

• Let’s recap: The majority plan supported by the MPA gives tax relief to no one and considers anyone making $20,200 rich.

• The House Republicans are asking for the same priorities that we’ve been advocating for since the beginning:

1. Income tax relief for all Mainers
2. Welfare reform
3. Funding for Maine’s nursing homes and to take care of the severely disabled Maine citizens who have been on waitlists for services for years.

As is typically the case with the MPA, not one word of truth is spoken in these ads or any of the robocalls, literature and other means they’re employing to harass Maine citizens. Some of these robocalls have been reportedly invading nursing homes where Maine’s elderly are being harassed. Not only does it appear the MPA has no interest in taking care of Maine’s elderly, now they’re even harassing them in their homes.

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