Democrats Add More than $7 million In Pet Project Spending to Budget

Augusta – Late Friday night and into early Saturday morning, Legislative Democrats voted out their budget that stands no chance of passing in the House thanks to House Republicans. In addition to adding $300 million in additional state spending this budget prioritizes non-citizens, methadone clinics and Democrat pet projects over Maine’s chronically underfunded nursing homes. Democrats are also seeking to provide welfare for non-citizens over funding critical services for Mainers with severe mental and developmental disabilities.

As though these initiatives were not bad enough, after midnight, while many Mainers were fast asleep, Democrats stuffed their heads into the trough for one more mouthful of Mainers hard-earned money to fund a series of pet projects. Before they were finished announcing their Christmas tree list, more than $7 million more dollars were spent on such “necessities” as:

1. Restoring the Wood Island Life Saving Station in Kittery to the tune of $200,000
2. Another $150,000 on an assessment of a railroad line
3. $125,000 to fund “social clubs” or “drop in centers”

The list goes on and on. Once again, Democrats are choosing to prioritize everything under the sun above Maine’s elderly and most vulnerable citizens who have been waiting for services they desperately need. The question before Mainers is simple: Should we fund welfare for non-citizens, methadone clinics and give a lifeguard station in Kittery a $200,000 makeover? Or should we be taking care of our most vulnerable citizens and giving every Mainer tax relief? You decide.

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