Democrats Deny Maine People Chance to Weigh In On How They’re Taxed

House Democrats deal another crushing blow to Maine’s economy

Augusta – House Democrats voted down a proposal that would have allowed the Maine people to have a say in how they’re taxed. The proposal, LD 1367, would have required the income tax in Maine be repealed by 2020. In an 82-64 vote the proposal that would have sent the question to the voters was defeated.
The elimination of the income tax has made states much more competitive and attractive to businesses and business capital. Our neighbor New Hampshire, a state with no income tax, was recently ranked in the top 10 in business climates by the Tax Foundation while Maine languishes at 33rd. Republicans have been working tirelessly to attract more businesses, jobs and capital to the state but continue to fight Democrats every step of the way.

Democrats continue to use faulty logic, comparing Maine to Kansas who was one of the first to try eliminating the income tax in an attempt to grow business. The lesson to be learned from Kansas is not to be overly aggressive when eliminating the income tax, rather do it incrementally. That is exactly what this bill would do if voters approved it. But voters will not have a say after Democrats made their decision for them.

These are the same Democrats who, in their budget proposal, prioritize methadone clinics and welfare for non-citizens over nursing home funding and Maine’s most vulnerable citizens.

“Today’s vote is just another example of Democrats thinking they know better than the Maine people. Democrats have always had this belief that this is their money we’re talking about. It’s not. It belongs to the Maine people and it’s about time they have a say in how its spent,” said Assistant House Republican Leader Ellie Espling of New Gloucester.

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