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Late night votes show Democrats’ true colors on welfare reform Augusta – In a series of votes Monday night in the Maine House, Democrats proved beyond a shadow of a doubt they have no interest whatsoever in welfare reform. Their votes are not shocking but certainly fly in the face of Maine voters who spoke loud and clear in November. In a matter of a few hours, Democrats said no to work… Read More

Enclosed please find the details of the agreement reached by legislative leaders last night. We will post the full amendment as soon as it is finally drafted and public. We’ve also attached the distributional analysis of the tax changes from MRS. The amended budget agreement will: 1) Keep itemized deductions but charitable contributions are now counted against the itemized deduction cap 2) Increase single standard deduction to $11,600 in 2016, adjust annually… Read More

Another missed opportunity to make Maine more attractive to businesses Augusta – Friday morning in the House we witnessed yet another missed opportunity to end compulsory unionism and make Maine a “Right to Work” state. Despite the setback of today’s vote, Rep. Larry Lockman (R) Amherst who sponsored the legislation, remains undeterred. “Every time we have this debate we gain ground,” Lockman said. “I believe we are moving the ball down the… Read More

Augusta – During intense budget negotiations, House Republicans find themselves the target of a massive serial misinformation campaign launched by the left-wing extremist group known as the Maine People’s Alliance and their many front entities like the Maine Small Business Coalition. In this ad blitz, Maine citizens are warned that House Republicans and their leader, Rep. Ken Fredette of Newport are attempting to shut down the government in order to give tax… Read More

Augusta – Late Friday night and into early Saturday morning, Legislative Democrats voted out their budget that stands no chance of passing in the House thanks to House Republicans. In addition to adding $300 million in additional state spending this budget prioritizes non-citizens, methadone clinics and Democrat pet projects over Maine’s chronically underfunded nursing homes. Democrats are also seeking to provide welfare for non-citizens over funding critical services for Mainers with severe… Read More

House Democrats deal another crushing blow to Maine’s economy Augusta – House Democrats voted down a proposal that would have allowed the Maine people to have a say in how they’re taxed. The proposal, LD 1367, would have required the income tax in Maine be repealed by 2020. In an 82-64 vote the proposal that would have sent the question to the voters was defeated. The elimination of the income tax has… Read More

Augusta – Wednesday night, Democrats and others on the Appropriations Committee are scheduled to vote out a majority budget proposal that is clearly a bad deal for Maine. It’s a budget that: • Throws welfare reform overboard • Contains no income tax relief for Mainers • Continues the pattern of chronically underfunding nursing homes • Provides welfare for non-citizens while Maine’s most vulnerable citizens continue to sit on waitlists for vital services… Read More