Republican Leaders Sign on To Governor’s Constitutional Amendment Proposal

April 21, 2015

Augusta – Republican leaders in the House and Senate have all signed on as cosponsors to LR 1983, “Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine to Eliminate the Income Tax, Governor LePage’s proposal to amend the Maine Constitution effectively eliminating the State income tax by 2020.

The following are statements from Republican leadership:

Rep. Ken Fredette (R) Newport – House Republican Leader:

“We have said since the beginning of this discussion that any reduction or elimination of the state’s income tax must be accompanied by a Constitutional amendment. This is an insurance policy for Mainers. Reducing the income tax burden on Mainers also goes hand-in-hand with controlling our state spending.”

Rep. Ellie Espling (R) New Gloucester – Assistant House Republican Leader:

“Cutting taxes for all Mainers has always been one of the top priorities for House Republicans along with reducing our state spending. I support the governor’s plan to eventually eliminate the income tax and a Constitutional amendment is the best way to protect Maine taxpayers by making sure these cuts are not reinstated down the road. But I also believe we can help the cause significantly by also reducing our state spending.”

Sen. Mike Thobodeau (R) Waldo County – Maine Senate President

“Since I was first elected to office I have been talking about the excessive tax burden on Maine citizens and its negative impact on job creation. The time has come to let Mainers determine their own destiny on whether they want to continue to be held back by an income tax that puts their state at a competitive disadvantage. I commend the Governor for putting this bill forward and I am honored to add my name as a cosponsor.”

Sen. Garret Mason (R) Androscoggin County – Senate Majority Leader
“Mainers deserve to keep their hard-earned money, and decide when, where, and how they want to spend it. We need to take government out of that equation, and by doing so we will spur economic growth in our state. We must trust people to spend or save their own money, and if that means reeling in government spending, all the better. I am proud to co-sponsor a bill that not only aims to give Mainers back control of their own money, but puts the decision to repeal the income tax in the hands of the voters. This measure puts the power where it belongs – with the people.”
Sen. Andre Cushing (R) Penobscot County – Assistant Senate Majority Leader:
“Hardworking Mainers shouldn’t have large portions of their paycheck snatched away by the government, only to have it used inefficiently. By eliminating the income tax, Maine will leave more of their paychecks in the hands of those who earned it. The message will be clear that we respect the rights of workers to handle their money as do our neighbors in New Hampshire, where quality business growth has resulted in higher paying jobs. We have the resources and the talented workforce to compete – what we need is a government that doesn’t penalize our citizens for working hard and earning a paycheck.”

One Comment on “Republican Leaders Sign on To Governor’s Constitutional Amendment Proposal

  1. I’ve heard that a constitutional convention cannot be limited in its scope to single issues, that once this is opened, other amendments can be subject to change or proposal of change. Anyone with an agenda or ax to grind can have negative impact on all of us. (We the people)


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