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Democrats blame Republicans for Janet Mills’ frivolous use of taxpayer dollars Tuesday, March 24, 2015 Augusta – Monday evening, Republicans on the Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee refused to reward Attorney General Janet Mills for her pattern of financial irresponsibility. Mills and her Democrat allies tried to convince the committee to release an additional $28,000 to fund the Medicaid Fraud Unit after Mills overspent her budget. That $28,000 would draw down more… Read More

The PUC got it right. Legislators got it wrong and legislators need to find the solution Augusta – This afternoon, House Republican Leader, Rep. Ken Fredette of Newport addressed concerns that have arisen in the wake of the PUC’s vote regarding funding for Efficiency Maine, an organization that administers energy efficiency programs throughout the state. The funding cap the PUC voted on earlier this week was part of the rulemaking process concerning… Read More

Maine Voices: Healthy Maine Partnerships approves eyebrow-raising expenditures The group said ‘no’ to some requests for anti-smoking materials and funded a free lunch instead. BY Rep. DEB SANDERSON CHELSEA — Much of the discussion and debate among legislators these days surrounds Gov. LePage’s budget proposal, with the lion’s share of the media attention focused on members of the Appropriations Committee. After all, they’re the ones who will decide how the state’s limited… Read More

March 4, 2015 Augusta – On a day when Democrats and the Maine People’s Alliance announced they’re focusing their attention on minimum wage jobs, Rep. Lawrence Lockman of Amherst says legislators should be focused on bringing optimum wage jobs to Maine. Democrats and members of the left-wing group unveiled the first of many proposals scheduled to be heard this session to hike the minimum wage in Maine. The proposal introduced Wednesday would… Read More

Wednesday, March 4, 2015 Augusta – The Joint Standing Committee on Taxation threw their preliminary support behind a bill to provide an income tax exemption for pension benefits received under a military retirement plan, including survivor benefits. LD 280 “An Act To Exempt Military Pensions and Survivor Benefits from Maine Income Tax” is sponsored by Rep. Phyllis Ginzler (R) from Bridgton sponsored the bill and presented it at a public hearing held… Read More

Even the most bitter partisan critics of Gov. Paul LePage will have to admit that his proposed budget package is as bold as anything Augusta has seen in half a century. The centerpiece of the LePage plan would dramatically reduce Maine’s personal income tax, and put the state on a path to freedom from income taxation. Already, the arrows are flying in the Governor’s direction, from all the usual suspects. Make no… Read More