Democrats Need To Put Away Campaign Speeches and Get to Work

Augusta – Tuesday afternoon, top Democrat leaders gathered in the Hall of Flags to deliver their top legislative priorities for the upcoming session. Although what we heard sounded eerily similar to the speeches Democrats gave on the campaign trail, it was at the very least refreshing to hear their tone has changed from the past two years, when they were happy to play the role of obstructionists when it came to paying back the hospitals, and even tried to sell the Blaine House. It’s apparent they heard the message sent by voters in November.

House Republican Leadership is willing to engage our Democrat colleagues on the issues of critical importance facing the people of Maine.

“Campaign speeches are easy to write,” said House Republican Leader, Rep. Ken Fredette of Newport. “But passing transformational legislation like the omnibus energy bill that passed with bipartisan support last session is the type of effort that is truly needed to move Maine forward.”

Issues like energy cost reduction, restructuring and lowering the tax burden on Maine residents and businesses, and continuing to reform our welfare programs remain at the top of our priority list. The governor’s budget released last week gives us an outline and opens up a conversation aimed at attracting capital and investment to Maine and proposes the types of innovative reforms the state has sorely needed for more than three decades.

“Now that the campaigns are over and the voters of Maine have spoken, we’re asking Democrats to show they’re sincerely interested in working in a bipartisan fashion to help the people of Maine through their votes and not with the same old tired rhetoric,” Rep. Fredette said.

“Actions really do speak louder than words,” said Assistant House Republican Leader, Ellie Espling of New Gloucester. “Let’s see if the House Majority is up to the challenge. We look forward to working with them and not against them to help move Maine in a positive direction. And as always, our door is always open to help advance that conversation.”

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