House Republicans Anxious To Get To Work As Cloture Arrives

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House Republicans Anxious To Get To Work As Cloture Arrives

Augusta – The deadline for members of the 127th Legislature to submit bills for consideration has now come and gone and House Republicans are now ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work.

“We’re very anxious to get to work in a bipartisan fashion to craft and pass legislation that helps Maine create jobs in the private sector,” said House Republican Leader Ken Fredette. “We need to give our young people the opportunity to find good paying jobs in Maine instead of forcing them to have to look out of state to find prosperity.”

Most of the bills that have been submitted by our caucus to the Revisor’s Office reflect our core priorities for the upcoming session. Those priorities include:

• Energy: Lowering Maine’s energy costs has to be one of the top priorities of this session. High energy costs are squeezing some of the state’s largest employers like Verso Paper and the Old Town Fuel and Fiber to the point where they’re shutting their doors. This is unacceptable and we need to focus our attention on the solution to Maine’s energy crisis.

• Tax Reform: We believe there is a way to cut or perhaps eliminate the state income tax while still generating enough revenue to pay for essential government services. We’re committed to striking the right balance that not only keeps Mainers hard earned money in their pockets but also makes sure the state is meeting its responsibilities.

• Welfare Reform: We need to continue to fix our broken welfare system to prevent fraud and abuse so Maine’s most vulnerable citizens are the ones benefitting. We need to make sure our system puts Mainers on a path to work and not a path to dependency.

”Republicans will stand strong with the governor in achieving a substantial or even elimination of the state’s income tax,” Fredette said. “We’re anticipating a battle but we’re hopeful that Democrats were paying attention to the will of the people in November and will work with us to put Maine on the right path moving forward.”

“While we fully support the governor’s agenda, we can’t lose sight of the fact that we work for our constituents and they come first ahead of any political wrangling,” said Assistant House Republican Leader Ellie Espling of New Gloucester.

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    Thank you!

  2. I hope Republicans and Democrats alike will support measures to return to rural Maine voters their right to ‘have a say’ in zoning issues which affect their communities. In 2008, with the ’emergency’ passage of Maine’s Wind Energy Act (WEA), a small segment of Maine citizens summarily had their rights to due process taken from them when their communities were pulled into the WEA’s Expedited Permitting Area (EPA) for wind development. This EPA was drawn up under cover of darkness…with the participating corporate stakeholders swearing confidentiality as to how this ‘area’ was drawn. (Correspondence obtained via an FOAA request proves this statement.) For 6 years, citizens have been petitioning the Maine Legislature to return those rights…and ‘right’ that ‘wrong’. Surely, this will be the year that ethics and common sense return to our ‘citizen legislature’. We’re counting on you. Please don’t let us down. Respectfully, Karen Bessey Pease, Lexington Twp., Maine.

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