Listen Here: The Maine House Republicans Listen Here: LinkTree Minority Republicans achieved some victories on tax relief  The Legislature finally adjourned July 19, over a month after the June 16 deadline in statute, and months after Democrats pretended their work was done in March so that Republicans could be excluded from the traditional, bipartisan budget process. This is State Representative Jack Ducharme of Madison proudly serving House District 111, Madison, Norridgewock and… Read More

Weekly Republican Radio Address – July 8, 2021 The Legislature recently passed another supplemental budget to address deficiencies in the partisan biennial budget passed last March. This time, it received bipartisan support thanks to public outcry from listeners like you. Democrats were wary of ramming through yet another budget piece without input from Republicans who collectively represent over 400 Maine towns and cities. This is State Representative Jon Connor of Lewiston with… Read More

 Budget compromise directs tax relief to pandemic workers AUGUSTA- To achieve a bipartisan budget, appropriations committee Democrats have agreed to the Republican position of returning $150 million of taxpayer money back to Mainers who worked during the pandemic. Although it is less than the $300 million initially proposed by Republicans, this breakthrough generated unanimous support from Republican Appropriations Committee members. If approved by two-thirds of the full legislature, the budget would take effect immediately… Read More

Post Emergency Order Review Is Needed Most people have heard that Governor Mills will allow her emergency order to expire after another two-week extension. The State of Civil Emergency has been in place for the last 15 months. With that welcome news, the legislature should begin the process of reviewing the State’s response to COVID-19 and evaluate what worked and what did not. This is Representative Will Tuell of East Machias with… Read More

May 28, 2021 – Weekly Republican Radio Address – Memorial Day Tribute In facing our nation’s greatest threats, heroic men and women have answered the call to service. This weekend, Mainers will take part in remembering the service and sacrifice of our servicemen and women who unfortunately did not make it home.  Serving one’s country is among the most valiant of pursuits, and we are grateful for those who fell in the… Read More

Seasonal campers are double or triple taxed under current law RENTED AUGUSTA CIVIC CENTER – House Democrats yesterday overwhelming rejected a proposal to provide tax relief to workers and others residing in seasonal campers. LD 611 – An Act To Exempt Long-Term Lodging from the 9 Percent Sales Tax on Lodging, Sponsored Rep. Shelley Rudnicki (R-Fairfield), proposed eliminating one of the taxes on individuals residing continuously in a tent or trailer space,… Read More

Buyback drug proposal is out of touch with the rest of the country RENTED AUGUSTA CIVIC CENTER – House Democrats today supported a drug buyback proposal (LD 8 – An Act to Support Collection and Proper Disposal of Unwanted Drugs) that is out of touch with the rest of the country and will ultimately make prescription drugs more costly without being more effective. A Republican amendment designed to protect consumers and ensure… Read More

All Mainers sacrificed, all should benefit from the billions flowing to Maine STATE HOUSE – Today, House and Senate Republicans held a formal press conference to urge the Mills Administration and majority democrats to use one-time monies to help all Maine citizens recover from the pandemic and to address chronically underfunded needs. Recently revised revenue forecasts project that Maine will have an additional $940 million available over the next three years. That does not include $14 billion in federal aid Maine has… Read More

Recently revised revenue forecasts mean that Maine will have an additional $940 million available over the next three years. That does not include $14 billion in federal aid Maine has received.  Republicans are concerned that money will not go toward supporting those who worked during the pandemic or toward chronically underfunded state priorities. It also defies logic that the Governor is proposing to borrow an additional $140 million on top of that… Read More

Follow the Science; Follow the New Federal CDC Guidance Mainers have sacrificed a lot and remain committed to a safe reopening; Governor Mills should do the same   STATE HOUSE/REMOTELY – House Republicans today called upon Governor Mills to fully conform to yesterday’s guidance from the Biden Administration and the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC). “For over a year, the Mills administration and Maine CDC Director Dr. Nirav Shah, have… Read More