At Thanksgiving, we humble ourselves and give thanks for the many blessings bestowed on us. This is State Representative Tim Roche with the Republican Weekly Radio Address. Ceremonies giving thanks for the autumn harvest predate the founding of America and is perhaps our oldest tradition. Sharing a meal and our stories help to unite and renew us in the blessings of abundance afforded us as Americans.  Thanksgiving became an official holiday in… Read More

Government takes too much money from people and is making everyday life needlessly difficult STATEHOUSE – Today the Revenue Forecasting Committee projected a 9.7 percent increase in revenues for the FY 22-23 Biennium (approximately $822 million for Fiscal Years 2022 and 2023). Legislative Republicans have been calling for the return of taxpayer money to Mainers. Our most recent achievement was diverting $150 million away from new programs and returning those funds directly… Read More

Weekly Republican Radio Address November 11, 2021 The people of Maine have always answered our nation’s call to service. From the Battle of Machias, to the Battle of Gettysburg, or to shores beyond our own, we know that our grit, work ethic, and cold winters have grown our Maine heroes. This is Representative Michael Perkins with the Weekly Republican Radio Address – Veterans Day tribute. This Veterans Day seems to be more… Read More

This is State Representative Nate Wadsworth with the Republican Weekly Radio Address. Four weeks ago, Central Maine Health Care approached a bipartisan group of legislators to sound the alarm. Unless something was done to change the Governor’s healthcare worker vaccination mandate, Mainers would see a reduction in healthcare access.  In the weeks that followed, we have continued to see other healthcare systems come forward and announce reductions in services or, in the… Read More

Good Leaders Provide Answers The measure of a good leader is not based on increments of how often you agree with their policies. The measure of a good leader is by how often you can question their reasoning and intent behind decisions and receive answers that are good for the many–not the few.  This administration has consistently demonstrated that you cannot question decisions, and you will not receive a clear answer, if… Read More

Hi, this is Representative Ted Kryzak, of Acton, with this week’s Republican Radio Address.  I am sure that by now you have all read and seen the stories of Maine hospitals reducing services, diverting patients, or rationing care, in the wake of the Governor’s mandate, that healthcare employees receive mandatory vaccinations or lose their jobs. This has created a larger staffing shortage for healthcare systems throughout Maine. The alarm was sounded two… Read More

Weekly Republican Radio Address – October 1, 2021 This is Representative Kathy Downes with the Weekly Republican Radio Address. I want to first begin by taking a moment to reflect on the memory and legacy of Hancock County Sheriff’s Deputy Luke Gross, who was struck by an oncoming vehicle, and killed, while responding to a call in the early morning a week ago. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and… Read More

Weekly Republican Radio Address – September 17, 2021 The Maine Apportionment Commission will be wrapping up its work in the coming two weeks and the Legislature will weigh in on the newly drawn districts. This is Representative Joshua Morris, of Turner, with the Weekly Republican Radio Address.   Every ten years, the legislature is required to redraw legislative districts to account for changes in population. This includes Maine’s two congressional districts, county commissioner… Read More

Maine’s Lobster Industry is Under Siege Maine’s lobstermen and women are under attack by the Biden Administration after a recent set of rule changes restricting seasonal lobster fishing in 950 square miles of federal waters off Maine’s coast. This is an inflexible and poorly considered attempt to protect the North Atlantic right whale population. The series of rule changes are the most heavy-handed in a long line of attempts to undermine the lobster industry here in Maine. If our fisheries are not protected, and if… Read More

August 20, 2021 This is State Representative Kathleen Dillingham, of Oxford, with the Weekly Republican Radio Address. Recently, the Governor, and her administration, used the Department of Health and Human Services public health emergency issued July 1, 2021, to mandate that all healthcare employers require their employees receive the COVID-19 vaccine, and those employees who do not, will lose their jobs. That is an estimated 10,000 healthcare employees. Several of my colleagues… Read More