Sometime in January or February of 2020, approximately 305,000 Maine homeowners will receive at least $100 from the state in direct property tax relief. The checks will go to households that qualify for the Homestead Exemption. These payments are the result of a law passed in 2012, which was the last time Republicans controlled both houses of the legislature and the Governorship. That law, and eight years of responsible budgeting, resulted in… Read More

Hi, this is Representative Trey Stewart of Presque Isle, the Assistant Republican Leader of the Maine House. If Democrats are gearing up to spend even more of your money, it should go to fund critical needs that should have been taken care of in the $8 billion budget that passed last spring. I’m talking about children and adults with disabilities that are on waiting lists for services. I’m talking about roads, bridges… Read More

Hello, this is Representative Kathleen Dillingham of Oxford, the Republican Leader of the Maine House. Since Democrats took complete control of state government, we have unfortunately seen a complete lack of clear priorities resulting in excessive spending.  That spells disaster down the road and yet again higher taxes on Maine’s working families. As everyone is well aware, the Mills Administration and Democrats increased the state budget by 11%, spending the majority of… Read More

Hello, this is John DeVeau, the State Representative from Caribou. Maine’s most recent legislative session was the most extreme in history. There were blatant attacks to our constitution and an utter disregard for the oath we swear to. We repeatedly saw bills designed to address non-existent problems or to reverse policies that benefited Maine families. They are part of a national socialist agenda that out-of-staters are trying to impose on us for… Read More

Hello, this is Peter Lyford, the State Representative from Eddington. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the emerging face of the Democratic Party, says that we only have 12 years or “the world is going to end.”   Every day, Democrat politicians tell us there is a “climate emergency.” National, state and local news cycles now include at least one “climate emergency” story in every edition or broadcast. It used to be “global cooling,” then… Read More

Hello, this is Dick Pickett, the State Representative from Dixfield. Just last week, the Governor’s Energy Office announced that the statewide average cash price for No. 2 heating oil was $2.61 per gallon, the lowest statewide average price since December 2017.  This is 8 to 13% lower than last year at this time. That is certainly good news to Mainers dreading the beginning of the 2019/2020 heating season. Similarly, the recent dip… Read More

Hello, this is Representative Will Tuell of East Machias. I am not usually critical, but last week’s special session has me shaking my head in disappointment. Governor Mills herself stated: “I’m sorry it’s come to this. I’m kind of sorry I called them in.” With proper planning and foresight, the Governor and her administration could have either seen this outcome as inevitable, or avoided it altogether. After the Legislature passed an $8… Read More

Hello, this is Representative Kathleen Dillingham of Oxford, the Republican Leader of the Maine House. Since our last address, Governor Mills has called the Legislature back for a Special Session on Monday, August 26. The stated purpose is to consider bond proposals and two other pieces of legislation, one concerning the Franklin County Commissioners and another dealing with the Ocean School in Searsport.  This one-day Special Session will cost Maine taxpayers approximately… Read More

Hello, I’m Justin Fecteau, the State Representative in District 86, representing part of Augusta. Previous Republican radio addresses have focused on the negative consequences of one-party rule: Runaway spending Extreme proposals to restrict our freedoms Favoring national special interest agendas over Maine people AND… the lack of clear priorities instead of favoring our seniors, roads and disadvantaged Maine citizens This week, I want to talk to you about two bills that Republicans… Read More

Hello, I’m David Haggan, the State Representative in District 101, representing Newburgh and Hampden. This week, I want to talk to you about a very serious issue that needs to be addressed. It’s an issue that highlights the biggest difference between Legislative Republicans and Democrats. Priorities I believe we should be helping Mainers who are the most in need first.  Those in greatest need, are those who cannot take care of themselves…. Read More