Welcoming people to our country who are seeking a better life and the protection of the rule of law, away from the tyranny they faced at home, is part of America’s founding. Governor Mills has acknowledged that Maine Emergency Management and Centers for Disease Control resources are not adequate. She is urging the federal government to consider Portland’s situation when distributing emergency funds. Which is why it is important to move forward… Read More

Governor Mills, we believe you made an honest mistake, please tell us how you plan to fix it? Mistake on bill providing emergency funding for nursing homes could result in facilities closing this summer STATEHOUSE – Legislative Republicans are calling on Governor Janet Mills to provide a solution to a mistake made by her office that could result in the closure of additional nursing and residential care facilities this summer and fall…. Read More

Hello, this is Representative Trey Stewart of Presque Isle, the Assistant Republican Leader of the Maine House. The first session of the 129th Legislature has now adjourned. Previous Republican Radio Addresses have outlined our concerns with the massive, unsustainable budget that Governor Mills and Democratic majorities in the House and Senate just passed.  Other addresses have focused on onerous new regulations on small businesses, limits on personal freedoms, or absurd ideas promoted… Read More

State Budget Includes Republican Proposal for Property Tax Relief Hello, this is Representative Dennis Keschl from Belgrade. I am a member of the Legislature’s Appropriations Committee, and the Town Manager for the Town of Belgrade. Just this week, the Appropriations Committee completed its work on a proposed two-year budget. Several previous Republican radio addresses have outlined serious concerns about the proposal submitted by Governor Mills.  Among those concerns were: The Governor proposed… Read More

Lobbyists, union bosses and national special interest groups keep winning on issues like these: National Popular Vote – 8 Democrats changed their votes to nullify the Constitution and shift power from Maine voters to big cities (Roll Call #230). The power to elect our President may ultimately be controlled by as few as 11 states. More ethanol for our lungs, environment and engines – 50 Democrats changed their votes (Roll Call #89)… Read More

National Popular Vote Scheme is Wounded, but still Alive This is Representative Billy Bob Faulkingham from Winter Harbor. Just yesterday, an amazing thing happened in the Maine House. 21 Democrats joined all Republicans to defeat an attempt to get around the Constitution and the Electoral College. The final vote was 76-66. For listeners new to this debate, here is what the so-called ‘National Popular Vote’ proposal does. The presidential candidate receiving the… Read More

Maine’s Future in the Global Bioeconomy Explored PORTLAND – House Republican Leader Kathleen Dillingham (R-Oxford) joined Governor Mills, U.S. Senator Angus King and Maine business leaders to participate in Trade Day 2019. This year’s event explored how businesses can be part of a global paradigm shift, by exploring the potential to re-invent Maine’s economy and position our businesses and research institutions in the global bioeconomy of the future. This year’s Keynote Speaker,… Read More

Hello, this is Representative Beth O’Connor of Berwick. Recent Republican radio addresses, have focused on the economy, onerous new taxes, unfunded mandates, burdensome regulations, anti-business attitudes, debt, and the state budget. Clearly, there are differences between the political parties in these areas over how to improve Maine. This week, my address will focus on an area where we should, and did agree – UNANIMOUSLY. No more ethanol in our gasoline! My bill,… Read More

With a Stable Economy, Governor Mills needs to set budget priorities Hello, I am Nate Wadsworth from Hiram, a House Republican member of the legislature’s Appropriations Committee. In previous radio addresses, a number of my colleagues have expressed concern over the state budget proposed by Governor Mills. We believe that the 11% increase where she has proposed to spend 99.995% of all available monies, relies on one-time funds, understates future costs, includes… Read More

Vetoes unanimous ban of Ethanol greater than 10% at behest of connected lobbyist STATEHOUSE – Maine House Republicans expressed disappointment at Governor Mills’ first veto – LD 822, An Act To Prohibit the Sale of Motor Fuel Containing More than 10% Ethanol. The legislation, Sponsored by Rep. Beth O’Connor (R-Berwick), received a unanimous recommendation from the Environment and Natural Resources Committee and was unanimously adopted by the Maine House and Senate. “Legislative… Read More