Follow the Science; Follow the New Federal CDC Guidance Mainers have sacrificed a lot and remain committed to a safe reopening; Governor Mills should do the same   STATE HOUSE/REMOTELY – House Republicans today called upon Governor Mills to fully conform to yesterday’s guidance from the Biden Administration and the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC). “For over a year, the Mills administration and Maine CDC Director Dr. Nirav Shah, have… Read More

STATE HOUSE/REMOTELY – Maine House Republicans received a budget briefing today from the Governor’s Chief of Staff and Finance Commissioner. They were told by the Governor’s Office that further details and printed documentation should be available by Friday. Preliminary response to the Governor’s Press Release: “While we are pleased that the Governor has moved off of her previous opposition to increased revenue sharing and is now proposing some tax relief for low-income… Read More

STATE HOUSE/REMOTELY – Legislative Republicans have released a detailed list of priorities that should be included in a Supplemental Budget and subsequent funding bills. With hundreds of millions in additional tax revenue projected and more than a billion dollars coming from the Federal government, Legislative Republicans are now able to present an outline of their priorities for utilizing one-time money and other resources to supplement the biennial budget passed last month. Top… Read More

This past week, Democrats once again demonstrated why they are out of touch with the needs of working families, small businesses, people with pre-existing conditions, and those who are covered through the private and small group insurance markets.   This is Rep. Josh Morris, of Turner, with the Weekly Republican Radio Address. This week, the legislature reconvened in special session and met in person for only the fifth time this year. It… Read More

Struggling small businesses, and their employees, will see higher costs, a reduction in benefits and limits on choice AUGUSTA CIVIC CENTER-Today, along party lines, Democrat legislators defeated two bills designed to preserve lower individual and small group market insurance rates and enhance consumer choice. Two bills (LDs 352 & 443), sponsored by Rep. Joshua Morris (R-Turner), would protect an individual insurance market that has experienced an 11 percent reduction in premiums and… Read More

Statement from Maine House Republicans: We are pleased that the Governor responded so quickly to our question regarding the outdoor mask mandate. We continue to call for the public release of the scientifically measurable goals and objectives that the Governor and her administration are using to evaluate whether to lift other restrictions. ###

House Republicans Question if the Mills Administration has a Plan to End the Outdoor Mask Mandate New Hampshire and 12 other states have ended their mask mandates STATE HOUSE/REMOTELY – Maine House Republicans have observed 13 states, including New Hampshire, end their mask mandates. Dr. Fauci has indicated that the CDC and Biden Administration is likely to update the mask mandate saying, “the risk for people engaging in outdoor activities is ‘minuscule,’”… Read More

Democrats Vote Against ALL Emergency Powers Bills Move signals that they see no role for the legislature during emergencies STATE HOUSE/REMOTELY- Democrats on the State and Local Government Committee today unanimously voted against 14 bills submitted to address a Governor’s emergency powers. All committee Republicans voted yes on bills submitted to strengthen and address deficiencies in the Emergency Powers Statute (Title 37-B MRSA). “I am disappointed that Democrats on the committee did… Read More

State legislators are sent to Augusta to do the hard work of legislating. That requires hearing other people’s opinions, weighing out facts, pros and cons, and then negotiating solutions designed to benefit everyone.  If the people sent to Augusta are not willing to put in the hard work, time and effort, they should not be there in the first place.  This is Rep. Lester Ordway, of Standish, with the Weekly Republican Radio… Read More

This week saw the Democrats pass a majority budget and then vote unanimously to end the legislative session for the year.  I’m Representative Sawin Millett with this week’s Republican radio address.   Ending the regular legislative session for the year came after only four meetings of the legislature and in spite of the more than 1600 pieces of legislation left unfinished.  Every single Republican voted to continue to do our work. Why… Read More